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A writer's search for The Flow

No inspiration to write, again, again, and again. But I need to write. Now.

It’s what needs to happen. To write, write, write. Funny how when you repeat a word you start doubted that it makes sense. It begins to sound like nonsense. Write, write, write!

Doesn’t matter how it sounds, to become a writer it has to be done. Stop thinking of reasons not to write, stop hitting walls half way through a story and quitting. Just write, about anything. Get these word rolling, on paper, on this screen, just get on with it.

It doesn’t have to be for a story, to be published, to be shared. Writing is a craft, and to become good at it, you need to practice. Let the words come. Find The Flow. That elusive state of mind, there is nothing more satisfying and rewarding than hitting The Flow. Words roll from the fingertips, a smile slowly forms. Writing becomes fun, not the chore you so often make yourself believe it is.

The Flow is not something you can just conjure up every time you sit down in front of a blank page. It is not something that arises with carefully met conditions. Do you need that perfect spot, with that inspiring, yet not too distracting view? Do the desk and chair have to fit a particular ergonomic model? Do you need to be shut off from human distractions with a perfect soundtrack to tap your fingers to? Is that glass of whisky on the rocks the essential lubricant to allow the words to tumble with confidence?

Maybe all of these factors do contribute to the productivity of the writer. But like anything worth getting good at in life, writing is not meant to be easy. Even if the perfect external conditions are met, there is no guarantee that the words will arrive. The biggest factor in writing is the one that comes from within. Internally you have to want it to happen. You have to push yourself and make it work. If you stagnate on a story, don’t stop and pick up a book, watch TV, go out, or otherwise drop the act itself. Open a new document, start a new page, and write something new or different.

Have fun writing. Enjoy developing your skills and craft. Experiment and try new ideas. If you have a certain niche, then spend an hour writing about something different, even if it is bullshit. The Flow will come back. It is in there somewhere, waiting to be dragged out of the dark by hard work and sheer will. Then it will embrace you, powering your thoughts and fingers with inspired creativity.

Ok Flow, I’m coming to get you…

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