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A new journey begins...

Ahoy there and welcome to my new little project. Yes, I've begun to build a personal website, and having just graduated with a Research Masters in Ecology, it feels like the logical next step.

I’ve created this site as a personal hub for my wildlife and conservation output. Having had a bunch of blogs, and now a YouTube channel, it made sense to put it all in one place. I’ll be adding old material piece by piece, introducing each one with a blog post. There are also some new projects on the horizon which will need a home once they’re ready.

My first addition of new material will be related to my recent research on white rhino behaviour. Having spent almost a year working with these magnificent, yet threatened animals, I’m in the privileged position to tell their stories. Stay tuned for the upcoming ‘Rhino Diaries’ (working title).

This is very much a work in progress and much will change in the coming weeks. I’ll be redesigning the pages, rewriting some sections (though not the stories themselves), and generally tinkering with all aspects until I’m happy with the outcome. For now this can be considered the ‘beta’ phase of the website. I’d love to have some feedback on the design and content, so feel free to email, or otherwise contact me with suggestions/constructive criticism.

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